no exit [vores]

[10/2009] | [chicago premiere]
composer & librettist | ANDY VORES
designer | IZUMI INABA
lighting designer | SAMANTHA SZIGETI
photographer | IAN EPSTEIN

contemporary one-act opera

Hell is a waiting room, complete with its own chamber ensemble.

Garcin (Matthew Newlin) discovers that Hell isn't what he expected; the Valet (Peter Weathers) remains unmoved.

Garcin confesses to Estelle (Susan Nelson) and Inez (Caitlin McKechney) that he is in Hell for abusing his wife.

Inez confesses to Estelle and Garcin that she is a sado-masochist.

Estelle confesses to Garcin and Inez that she drowned her baby daughter.

Inez seduces Estelle by pretending to be her mirror.

Garcin begs his roommates in Hell to remain silent...

...but the three fail to ignore each other.

Garcin and Inez fight for access to Estelle's body.

As the temperature in the room increases, the three strip off their clothes, allowing Estelle to make love to Garcin.

When the door to the outside world opens, Garcin finds he cannot leave the other two behind him.

After realizing that "Hell is other people", the three collapse with laughter.