i capuleti e i montecchi [bellini]

[10/2010] | [entry, european opera-directing prize]
scenic designer | MARIANNA CSASZAR
costume designer | IZUMI INABA
lighting designer | GREG HOFMANN

bel canto full-length opera

A ghostly casualty of those killed in the civil war between the Capuleti and the Montecchi.

Tebaldo, Giulietta's husband-to-be and enemy to Romeo.

Capellio, Giulietta's father and leader of the Capuleti.

The Chorus of Capuleti warriors.

Romeo, disguised as a Capuleti.

The ghost of Capellio's son, killed by Romeo.

Lorenzo, doctor to Giulietta and friend to Romeo.

Giulietta, in her hospital gown.

Ezzelino, Romeo's second-in-command.

The Chorus of Montecchi warriors.

Giulietta, in her wedding dress.

Romeo, having been wounded by Tebaldo.

Giulietta, asleep in the tombs.