upcoming | november 23, 2019

The Rosina Project is an original adaptation of Rossini’s classic opera The Barber of Seville that mixes MCs, street-dance artists and opera singers with a live DJ and Beatboxer to tell a contemporary story of female empowerment through an immersive Hip-Hop battle.

The Rosina Project was first presented as a partial workshop during the 2018 Pivot Arts Incubator in Chicago. It returned to 2019 Pivot Arts Festival, with expanded content and characters, playing during the festival’s opening weekend as a full workshop with three sold-out shows.

DJ Oliver Fade opens the show with a scratch overture…

…as hypewoman Hyphena (Anyihilation) gets the crowd going.

Beatboxer Yuri Lane provides live beats for the MCs to rap over.

Figaro (K. F. Jacques) is Seville’s jack-of-all-trades, singing opera and rapping in LARGO AL FACTOTUM.

…helping Almaviva (Andy Aughenbaugh, center) to come up with a plan to rescue Rosina in Y’ALL CAN’T SEE ME.

Rosina (Pinqy Ring) searches for her own voice in UNA VOCE, kept under lock and key…

…by Bartolo (Austin Fillmore), who wants to marry Rosina himself.

Bartolo and his pal Basilio (BRAVEMONK) plot to ruin Almaviva’s name in THAT GOSSIP.

Figaro tries to calm Bartolo down…

…but Almaviva confronts Bartolo and Basilio…

…leading to rap and dance battle for the right to marry Rosina, featuring dancers Malibu…


…and Juice (center).

Oh, yeah. And Basilio.

Rosina decides to marry no one, choosing her own independence above all.

Beatboxer Yuri invites the crowd to celebrate Rosina’s freedom with a dance party!

See the complete archival video of THE ROSINA PROJECT at https://youtu.be/--VqjCqDgmY.


choreographic direction |
composers | K. F. JACQUES, ‘KECHI
lead writer | MIKEY TO THE P
associate director | NATALJA AICARDI
lighting designer | JOHN HOLMES
photographer | VIN REED
videographer | JOVAN LANDRY
additional footage | JIM POOLE & SCOTT PARKER


chicago fringe opera | bravesoul movement | pivot arts festival


world premiere immersive hip-hopera